Meghan Markle maintained her distance with Kate Middleton  and kids at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral due to their ‘strained’ relationship, explained body language.

According to US Magazine, Blanca Cobb said: “Meghan’s body language doesn’t hint at her relationship with the Queen Consort, Kate and the children.”

The expert, however, noted: “Standing back and behind the Queen Consort, Kate and the children signals a possible emotional distance.”

The royal family was gathered at St George Chapel in Windsor to pay one last goodbye to the late monarch.

Reflecting on the touching ceremony, the Methods of the Masters writer said: “funerals bring out contemplation, reflection and prayer for those who pray.”

Cobb also added that the Suits alum could be giving them ‘space’.

“Or she needed some space to reflect and think,” the expert said. “If she believes that their relationship is strained, then it’s possible that she stood back.

“You tend to keep a physical distance when you don’t feel emotionally close to someone.”

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