Meghan Markle viral hug at Windsor Castle branded stunt for Netflix
Meghan Markle viral hug at Windsor Castle branded stunt for ‘Netflix’

Meghan Markle has seemingly manufactured her Windsor Castle hug, as per Twitter.

Netizens call out the Duchess of Sussex fro scripting her hug with an admirer from the crowd as she joined Prince Harry to read tributes for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Turning to his Twitter handle on Friday, body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas pointed out how conveniently Meghan walked up to the girl after spotting her from a million admirers out there.

“How convenient that Meghan began walking *directly* to the girl that wanted to hug her,” he noted.

Reacting to his tweet, a user shared a clip from a Lindsay Lohan movie, accusing Meghan of copying the lines.

“Such an actress .. bet she got copied those lines “family appreciate it”

“We = Netflix, spotify, and their bank account,” added a third.

Another pointed out how the same fan was also posed for a photo with Meghan in Germany.

“Can someone help me understand this? Same woman, yet it was made to look spontaneous. How would they have known MM was there as it was impromptu? On the walk about, it was her daughter that hugged MM & she told her “you are so beautiful” so this was clearly set up ,” she wrote.

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