Meghan Markle has reportedly been wanting a ‘leg up’ moment from the Royal Family’s brand, despite the Firm being ‘in tatters’ over the Queen’s health.

This claim has been made by famed commentator Piers Morgan, in his latest interview with author Douglas Murray.

Per Express UK he began by saying, “The one I can’t get away from, they keep trashing the very institution that gave them these titles, that make them millions.”

“There is the ultimate hypocrisy right there,” he added before Mr Murry chimed in and added, “Well, the Royal Family is clearly just a leg up for Meghan Markle.”

“[She] believes that her position, as a Duchess now, allows her to inspire us common folk with her amazing wisdom.”

He even referenced Meghan Markle’s One Young World Summit and added, “Unfortunately, as we just saw again from that speech, her wisdom is from the school of Hallmark cards-ism.”

“It’s all, sort of, sub-Obama pseudo-inspiring stuff about how you can be the person you meant to be, for the being that you could be and everyone else could be, like you be.”

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