Home Entertainment Meghan Markle ‘wants answers’ for empty seats at Prince Harry’s UN speech

Meghan Markle ‘wants answers’ for empty seats at Prince Harry’s UN speech


Meghan Markle wants answers as to why the UN hall was empty during Prince Harry’s speech

Meghan Markle is reportedly looking for answers as to why there were empty seats at the United Nations event last month where her husband Prince Harry was a keynote speaker for Nelson Mandela Day, reported GB News.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex notably travelled to the UN Headquarters in New York late last month where Prince Harry was invited to deliver a speech, however, footage from the event showed empty seats.

Talking about the same on his YouTube channel, royal expert Neil Sean said: “It must have been very difficult for Harry. It kind of looked like a British pantomime that hadn’t sold out. All those empty seats are never a good look.”

He then claimed: “Meghan wants answers, naturally because they made that big effort to come all the way from California to spend time in New York and when they arrived, there wasn’t the welcome they both anticipated.”

“You can understand they schlepped all those miles to do that,” Sean concluded.

As for Prince Harry’s speech, he made sure to bring light to important issues like climate change and the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs Wade abortion law. 

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