Meghan Markle is warned to correct her ways after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

British journalist Piers Morgan says the Duchess of Sussex has ‘a lot to answer for’ after the Queen’s demise, noting how she contributed in causing ‘stress’ to the deceased monarch.

Speaking to Sky News in Australia, Morgan began: “Harry has been a war with his father for reasons which have completely baffled Charles. I was told earlier this week that Charles is heartbroken over what is going on with his son. He does not understand it.

“I think I’m afraid Meghan Markle has a lot to answer for. The royal family has had to suffer. Prince Philip being seriously ill then dying and now the same with Queen. She has been going out of her way in America to constantly throw brick bats about theĀ  royals, constantly trying to attack them, portray them as a bunch of callous racists which they are not.

The former GMB host continued: “I think it has been really damaging and upsetting to all the royals.

“I hope she just sticks a cork in it, stays in California and goes about her life without trashing the monarchy and the royal family, without whom she would not have the titles that she exploits for vast amounts of money,” micks Piers.

“I hope she sees common sense. I hope Harry sees common sense and build bridges with the family that he has slowly been disowning,” he concluded.

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