Meghan Markle’s appearance at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was the understated as the Duchess continued her ‘silent support’ to Prince Harry.

During her conversation with Page Six, body language expert Judi James said: “The best description of Meghan’s body language at the funeral was ‘understated’.”

“She seemed to offer a continuation of that silent support to her husband while sitting and walking with a look of dignity tinged with sadness,” she explained.

The expert further added that the Sussexes’ was rarely seen holding hands at the sombre ceremony.

James said: “Walking beside, but a large distance apart from his brother, his puckered brows and rapid blinking suggested the onset of tears.”

Harry also appeared to be ‘bracing himself emotionally’ with his gestures, the expert noted.

“When he watched the coffin being unloaded there was the sucking in of the lips, rocking from side to side and shoulder roll that he had performed before to suggest he was bracing himself emotionally,” she said.

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