The first match of the Tamil Nadu Premier League turned out to be a tense affair in the second innings. Tempers flared after Narayan Jagadeesan was run out by Baba Aparajith on the non striker’s end.

File photo of Narayan Jagadeesan (Courtesy: Instagram)


  • First match of TNPL went to super over
  • Nellai Royal Kings won the match
  • Narayan Jagadeesan was Mankaded by Baba Aparajith

The Tamil Nadu Premier League was off to a flyer with a tense game between Nellai Royal Kings and Chennai Super Gillies. Tempers flared in the second half of the match when CSG wicket-keeper and one of the best batsmen in the tournament, Narayan Jagadeesan, was dismissed at the non-striker’s end by Baba Aparajith.

The right-hander, batting at 25 off 15 at that point, was left fuming after he was given the marching orders and in a fit of rage gestured obscenity to the opponents. CSG captain Kaushik Gandhi in the presentation said that his team would never Mankad someone as it did not seem fair to the non-striker, once again sending the fans in the spirit of cricket debate.

Jagadeesan though, took some stock in his actions and apologised on Friday, 24 June to the fans, stating that his gestures were out of order and should never have happened on the field of cricket. He said that passion was key for him but controlling and channelising it in the right way was more important.

This is not the first time in the recent years that fans have debated the spirit of cricket in terms of Mankading. The recent events and the conversations around it has led to the Marylebone Cricket Club committee, who are the guardians of the cricketing law, put Mankading as a legalised form of dismissal. While technically, Mankading was never a non-legalised form, but it was frowned upon by many cricketers around the world.

The Tamil Nadu Premier League, one of the most sought after domestic T20 leagues in the country started off on June 23, and will run till July 31.

On Friday, June 24, veteran Murali Vijay is set to get back in the game after his 21-month-long hiatus from all forms of cricket.

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