Netflixs Narco-Saints season 2: Everything to know
Netflix’s ‘Narco-Saints’ season 2: Everything to know

Netflix’s Korean series Narco-Saints has been under the limelight since its release in early September.

The crime drama revolves around an entrepreneur who joins and participates in a government mission to hunt down a Korean drug lord situated in Suriname.

Inspired by true events, the show has garnered a huge fan following, and are curious to know if it will have a season two.

Here’s everything revealed about Narco-Saints season two so far.

Has Narco-Saints season 2 been confirmed?

The makers of the show haven’t given any update on Narco-Saints season two. However, as the series landed at No. 7 on Netflix’s Top 10 list soon after its release, its popularity might lead the creators of the show to think about the second season.

Who could star in Narco-Saints season 2?

Fans are hoping to see some familiar faces from season one including Park Hae-soo, Jo Woo-jin, Ha Jung-woo, and Hwang Jung-min.

What might happen in Narco-Saints season 2?

Season one of the show took inspiration from the life events of Cho Bong Haeng, who ran a drugs organization in Suriname. This indicates that the second season might cover the remaining parts of the tale with Netflix branching the characters out elsewhere.

When might Narco-Saints season 2 be released?

Fans have their fingers crossed for Narco-Saints season two as the news of a new season is still not confirmed. However, if the news is confirmed, the expected date for the series to arrive on Netflix would be in late 2023.

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