Piers Morgan struggles to imagine life without Queen, suffers great sadness
Piers Morgan ‘struggles’ to imagine ‘life without Queen’, suffers great sadness

British journalist Piers Morgan is recalling the glorious era of Queen Elizabeth upon her death.

Writing in his column in The Sun, Piers said: “I’ll admit to shedding a tear when the news came through, as I’m sure most people did.

“How could we not be hugely moved by this massive, seismic moment in the history of our great country?”

He added: “That makes her the undisputed GOAT, the greatest of all time; a monumental, towering royal colossus who is not only the most famous person on Planet Earth, but the most respected.

“Her death is thus an enormous blow, not just to the British people but to our national psyche.”

“Well, this is one of the saddest and most momentous turning points in the history of the United Kingdom. There is nobody in this country, or the world, who hasn’t lived the majority of their lives under the reign of Queen Elizabeth the Second. For 70 years she has served this country with astoundingly dedicated duty,” he said.

“I struggle even to imagine a Britain without this Queen. But with great sadness, we now have to imagine it, because the moment we’ve all been dreading has finally come and tonight, everything changes. Her death is an enormous blow not just to the British people but to our national psyche.”

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