Prince Andrew wanted to marry his soul mate Koo Stark?

King Charles III’s cousin Christina Oxenber, in an interview, made serious allegations against royal family, claiming  they barred  prince Andrew from marrying his ‘soul mate’ Koo Stark.

Oxenber, who counts King Charles III as a third cousin, tired to give an impression that Andrew’s alleged ex-girlfriend Koo Stark endured the same ordeal  as Meghan Markle is  experiencing.

American actress and photographer Stark reportedly dated Prince Andrew for 18 months in the early 1980s before his mother put an end to the relationship.

“It was a very flimsy reason,” Oxenberg told The Post. “There’s a good example of how you can suffer as a royal for no good reason.”

“They were both really in love,” she added of Andrew and Stark. “They were soul mates, and he was prevented from marrying his soul mate. Had he married her, things would be different today.”

Defending Prince Harry’s wife, she added: “To Meghan Markle, I say, what you are going through is a hellish kind of hazing. If she can just hang in there, someone else will come along who can take the heat. Nobody gets a pass.”

Oxenberg is a biographer and fashion designer and the younger sister of actress Catherine Oxenberg. Their mother is Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, who, Oxenberg said, was once very close to Prince William and Harry’s father Charles.

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