Prince George and Princess Charlotte evoke memories of William and Harry

Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandchildren George and Charlotte stole spotlight as they walked behind the late monarch’s coffin, indicating that they are ready to play  more prominent role as the children of the first-in-line for the throne.

The two eldest children of the Prince and Princess of Wales received massive applause from the crowd as they joined the funeral procession.

The scene evoked memories of William and his brother Harry walking behind the coffin of their mother Diana, princess of Wales, in 1997, when they were aged 15 and 12 respectively.

Prince George, nine, and Princess Charlotte, seven, appeared walking with their mother Catherine, Princess of Wales.

George, now second in line to the throne, wore a dark suit and tie while Charlotte wore a black dress and hat. Their younger brother Louis, four, did not take part.

Britain said farewell to Queen Elizabeth II on Monday at a state funeral attended by world leaders, before a historic last ceremonial journey through the streets of London packed with sorrowful mourners.

Charles´s eldest son Prince William accompanied them alongside William´s estranged brother, Prince Harry, and other senior royals. William´s two eldest children, George and Charlotte, who are next in line to the throne, also walked behind the coffin inside the abbey.

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