Prince Harry ‘devastated’ after being snubbed again
Prince Harry ‘devastated’ after being snubbed again

Duke of Sussex Prince Harry was left ‘devastated’ after being snubbed again with removal of the Queen’s initials, ‘ER’, from his military uniform for a vigil over his grandmother’s coffin in Westminster Hall.

Queen Elizabeth’s eight grandchildren mounted a vigil around her coffin Saturday ahead of the state funeral.

Prince William and his brother Prince Harry stood guard around the crowned casket in London´s Westminster Hall.

Harry — who did two tours with the British Army in Afghanistan — wore the uniform of the Blues and Royals cavalry regiment in which he served.

Royal expert Roya Nikkhah, quoted Harry’s close friend as saying he was “devastated” by the removal of the Queen’s initials “ER” and even considered not wearing his uniform to the vigil as a result.

The friend said “He is heartbroken. To remove his grandmother’s initials feels very intentional.”

The letters “ER” stand for Elizabeth Regina [Queen in Latin]. 

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