Prince Harry fun in America will only last till his children are young
Prince Harry ‘fun’ in America will only last till his ‘children are young’

Prince Harry will not be content with his life in America, says expert.

Perez Hilton, a renowned celebrity and gossip columnist notes the Duke of Sussex does not have meaningful friendships in the country and will eventually want to go back to his roots.

He told the royal commentator: “Harry has no family here in Montecito. He has no lifelong friends in Montecito.

“He has new friends, he hobnobs with David Foster and with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom and with Ellen… I’m sure and with Oprah down the street.

“But he’s in the honeymoon phase of moving.”

Mr Hilton added: “And that’s all fun now… and his children are still very young.

“I would think eventually there might come a time when he would want his children to have a meaningful relationship with his family.

“So, I do think eventually he will want to move back. The big question is, is she down for the move as well? I don’t know,” he said of wife Meghan Markle.

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