Prince Harry needs to stop giving interviews and sit down with brother William
Prince Harry ‘needs to stop giving interviews’ and sit down with brother William

Prince Harry initiate contact with his estranged brother Prince William amid constant US interviews.

Royal expert Russell Myers wants estranged siblings William and Harry to ‘sit down’ and together plan for the future of the monarchy.

Speaking on Australian TV, Mr Myers said: “We saw at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, they didn’t, unfortunately, hang out at all.”

Mr Myers recalled how during Queen’s Jubilee Harry ‘strained his neck’ in the hope to catch a glimpse of elder brother, noting the younger one still needs the future King’s approval.

Mr Myers said: “They didn’t spend any time over those four days at all but I think Prince Harry needs to stop giving interviews to American television networks before the two brothers nearly sit down and get back to their best and I imagine that’s not gonna happen before long.”

According to Mr Myers, Harry showed a sign that he was “desperate for approval from his brother”.

When host Karl Stefanovic the remarked: “I hadn’t realised the fact that probably it was coming from, the shutouts from William, as opposed to Harry.

“I think we all assumed, considering the bad press around Meghan and Harry, that it’s always like them subbing people but actually, Harry is looking for approval from his brother but his brother is shutting the door.”

Harry is “still longing for belonging from his family,” predicted Mr Myers.

He said: “When he is still giving interviews, sort of, slagging them off every now and then, it’s a very, very long road back for him unfortunately at this moment.

“I think there just needs to be a bit more space between them before these boys can get back together.”

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