Prince William and Prince Harry stepped out together on September 10, 2022, days after their beloved grandmother the Queen passed away on September 8, 2022, in what has been touted as an ‘olive branch’ between the feuding brothers.

While Prince Harry and William’s surprise joint appearance outside Windsor Castle hinted at a reunion between the warring Duke of Sussex and now-Prince of Wales, royal expert Ingrid Seward thinks otherwise.

Talking to Mirror UK, Seward said: “William, as the elder brother and more senior royal, held out the olive branch to his younger brother. But the fact they put pettiness aside doesn’t mean they have reconciled – or that they will.”

“I don’t think there was ever a lot of love between them. They always had their differences, a rivalry. We assumed they lived in each other’s pockets but that was an illusion,” she went on.

Seward then added: “I believe there is a fundamental personality clash – they are quite different. I remember Harry saying once that after William came back from his gap year, he liked him a lot better than he did before.”

“William was the favoured son, the heir, the ¬important one. Harry was the also-ran – ¬Princesses Anne and Margaret have talked about how that feels as a child. The number two, in a hierarchy like the monarchy, is not always a great place to be.”

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