Prince Harry urged to ditch the book and return to estranged royals
Prince Harry urged to ‘ditch the book’ and return to estranged royals

Prince Harry is asked to go back to his family members in the royal ton.

The Duke of Sussex is predicted to turn down Meghan Markle US plans and return to support his father, King Charles, in the affairs of the monarchy.

GB News presented Stephen Dixon believes Harry will finally say ‘no’ to Meghan Markle and will ‘stop digging a hole’ for himself.

Mr Dixon said: “You do wonder because we’ve all done it – we have arguments and rows.

“You dig a hole and you don’t always stop digging.

“And perhaps this has forced him to stop digging.”

Fellow news anchor Anne Diamond sighed: “Oh, I do hope so.”

Mr Dixon continued: “And maybe that time with the family and maybe he’s got to say to Meghan: ‘no’.

“We’re going to be over here. We’re going to try to make this work.

“Wouldn’t that be interesting, wouldn’t that be nice?” Mr Dixon asked, adding: Let bygones be bygones.”

“And ditch the book, Harry, ditch the book,” Ms Diamond warned Harry.

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