Prince William and Prince Harry reunited once again as they stood vigil at either end of the coffin of their beloved grandmother Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday.

While royal commentators were surprise to see their joint appearance at Windsor Castle just days after the Queen’s death, it was reported that King Charles III expressed his wish to bring Harry and Meghan Markle back into the royal fold since Queen’s death.

Discussing Harry and Meghan’s potential return to the royal family, royal expert Christopher Andersen has claimed that having Harry ‘back into the fold’ would benefit the new monarch.

“Sure, Charles would like everybody to be there and doing their job and it’s in his interest to get Harry back into the fold,” Andersen told US Weekly.

Despite this, the author claimed, “I’m not so sure William is that interested.”

“I think he’s got much more of a grudge against Harry at this time,” he added. “And again, it’s just going to get worse, I think, as time goes on, so we’ll see how they handle it.”

Reflecting on Harry and William’s reunion at Windsor, Andersen said, “Everything that they do, every tiny little gesture is going to be dissected, and that adds to the pressure.”

On Wednesday, William and Harry walked side-by-side as they followed the Queen’s coffin in the procession to the Westminster Abbey.

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