Prince Phillip reportedly never watched ‘The Crown’: ‘Ridiculous’
Prince Phillip reportedly never watched ‘The Crown’: ‘Ridiculous’

Prince Phillip was not fond of Netflix hit drama series The Crown but Queen Elizabeth II was big fan of the series, claimed actor Matt Smith.

During an interview with NBC’s Today Show, the House of the Dragon star, who played young Prince Philip in season one and two of the acclaimed drama series, said he heard the Queen used to follow the show.

“I heard the queen had watched it,” Smith said on the show. “And she used to watch it on a projector on a Sunday night, apparently.”

However, the late Duke of Edinburgh never watched the show as the actor said, “I know that Philip definitely didn’t [watched the show].”

“A friend of mine sat next to him at a dinner once, and he asked him,” Smith explained. “My friend couldn’t resist. By the end of the meal, he was like, ‘Philip, I have to ask. Have you watched The Crown?’”

“And [he] apparently turned ’round to him and went, ‘Don’t be ridiculous,'” the actor added.

Despite the response, Smith says that during the course of filming the first two seasons of the show he ‘fell in love with Phillip.’

‘He was a real modernizer and really interesting. I fell in love with Philip really to be honest,’ he said, adding that he thought Phillip and the Queen were ‘a fabulous couple.’

‘He loved her. He really made her laugh.’ 

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