Prince William painted a picture of ‘true grief’ at the historic funeral of his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, 2022, a body language expert has said.

Talking about the Prince of Wales anguish at the monumental yet solemn occasion, body language expert Tonya Reiman told Fox News  that Prince William conveyed exactly what the Royal Family wanted to.

“Throughout the ceremony, you could clearly see that although William was the picture of what the royal family is meant to convey, he was clearly emotional,” said Reiman.

She added: “This is a moment where you see true grief on William’s face. Note his eyebrows going up and pulling together, the lines going downward between his eyes and the sorrow demonstrated by the anxiety in his forehead.”

Reiman also weighed in on William’s wife Kate Middleton’s look, saying: “We don’t know what she is truly feeling with the face veil, the proper posture and the arms down by her sides.”

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