Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton, paid a special tribute to her beloved late Gan Gan, Queen Elizabeth II, by wearing her first piece of significant royal jewellery at her historic funeral.

According to The Telegraph, the little Princess Charlotte stepped out in all-black for her great-grandmother’s funeral, and chose to wear a special diamond horseshoe brooch on her stunning dress, notably gifted to her by the late Queen herself.

The news was confirmed by The Telegraph’s royal editor Hannah Furness.

As per reports, Charlotte was also seen in a statement hat for the first time in her seven-year royal life; British women wear a customary hat during formal events.

Charlotte’s special tribute to her late granny comes just as her mother, Kate, the new Princess of Wales, chose to also pay a stunning tribute to her grandmother-in-law by wearing her special four-layered pearl necklace with a diamond clasp to the funeral. 

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