Queen Consort Camilla, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Sophie Wessex are set to join the senior male members of the royal family including King Charles III, Princes William, Harry, Andrew, and Edward behind Queen Elizabeth’s coffin as it leaves Westminster Abbey after a funeral service.

As per BBC, all the wives of the senior royals were not a part of the first procession that saw King Charles with his sons Prince Harry and William, and brothers Andrew and Edward walking behind the Queen’s coffin as it made its way to Westminster Abbey.

After the service, however, the women are joining the procession behind the Queen’s coffin in cars, with Queen Consort Camilla, and Kate, Princess of Wales, following directly behind in a car, and Meghan and Sophie following behind them.

Seven different groups will join the procession in what is being touted to be a larger parade than the one seen earlier in the day.

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