Queen Consort Camilla is wonderful person to work for: Former aide
Queen Consort Camilla is ‘wonderful person to work for’: Former aide

Queen Consort Camilla is dutifully serving her husband as the monarch of Britain.

The 75-year-old has brought ‘new energy in to the royal household’ as she takes over the new job alongside King Charles.

Former press secretary Patrick Harrison said Camilla has been a vital cog in the monarchy machine ever since her marriage to Charles in 2005.

“She came in and she lightened up all our lives, a wonderful person to work for,” he revealed, sharing how before her marriage, there were calls for William to be the next King.

He added: “She is a wonderful lady, I loved working for her as well as the King, very warm, very wonderful sense of humour, her number one roe, her number one priority as she sees it is to support her husband.”

Camilla and Charles met before the King’s first marriage to Princess Diana. The lovebirds were involved in an extra martial affair, which eventually led to his divorce from late Diana.

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