Queen Elizabeth II is said to have died because of a broken heart after the tragic demise of her husband Prince Philip in 2021.

The 96-year-old monarch breathed her last ‘peacefully’ in Balmoral on Thursday. However, Dr Deb Cohen-Jones – an Australian GP, believes that the Queen was in grief since her husband’s death.

The doctor told FEMAIL, via Daily Mail: “There is no strict science around it. But it’s definitely an observed phenomenon.”

“It’s more about losing your ‘will’ than it is about your health in some ways.

“From a physiological point of view, the loss of Prince Philip would have caused her severe stress, peaking her cortisol levels, and leaving her body to deal with that,” she explained.

Meanwhile, heart surgeon Nikki Stamp told ABC: “What we know is that for some people the stress of losing a loved one, or any kind of stressful event in your life, does precipitate a whole bunch of reactions in the physical body as well as in your mind that can cause disease and sometimes cause someone to pass away.”

“It’s certainly something that we’re discovering more and more lately,” the doctor added.

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