Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, scheduled for today, September 19, 2022, is expected to surpass the grandness of her late daughter-in-law Princess Diana’s funeral 25 years ago, which was attended by about 2,000 people and watched by millions on television.

The claim came from royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti, who was quoted by Express UK as saying that the Queen’s state funeral will be a ‘spectacular’ event, and one that has never been seen in Britain before.

Sacerdoti then added that the scale of the Queen’s last rights, the first state funeral in Britain since that on Winston Churchill’s in 1965, will surpass Princess Diana’s.

“Even that in the 90s didn’t have the reach that this will have today. Things like this will be seen across the world on TV live but also on social media in immense detail,” he said.

Sacerdoti added: “We’ve already seen by the way, a certain level of access to the media that’s been quite unprecedented. I was absolutely amazed and fascinated to watch Prince Charles when he arrived back at Buckingham Palace from Balmoral the first time, get out of his car and went to shake hands with all of the crowd.”

“They had a BBC-led film crew pulled to all the media following him right next to him as he shook every single hand and even received a couple of kisses from well-wishers,” he continued.

The claims come as Britain’s prepares for what is expected to be the biggest state funeral in British history, fit for its longest-reigning monarch who served the nation for 70 years. 

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