Queen Elizabeth’s life in pictures: Remembering Our Queen
Queen Elizabeth’s life in pictures: ‘Remembering Our Queen’

The Palace pays homage to Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign within the UK and the Commonwealth.

The collage has been shared on the Palace’s official Twitter page and features a nostalgic caption that reads, “Remembering Our Queen. Today people from across the UK, Commonwealth and around the world will pay tribute to the extraordinary life and reign of Her Majesty The Queen.”

The moving photo collage includes 10+ pictures highlighting the Queen’s reign, from her infancy to childhood, adolescence and even young adulthood.

The pictures highlighted key moments of her life, from her marriage to Prince Philip to the Queen’s beloved Corgis, official portraits, candid shots, images alongside the Queen Mother, and even some of Queen Elizabeth’s candid moments spent with her heirs apparent, horses and other family members.

Check it out Below:

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