Queen Elizabeths questionable mural in England sparks debate online
Queen Elizabeth’s questionable mural in England sparks debate online

Queen Elizabeth II’s mural in Sheffield, England has sparked an outrage among locals after the artwork was regarded as inappropriate by some.

A photo of the painting was shared in a Facebook Group, Only In Meersbrook, with a caption that read: “Have we really become the kind of neighbourhood where this kind of broad daylight vandalism of our community walls takes place without consequence??”

“Watch out for your walls people, I don’t think this is the last bit of so-called “erotic“ graffiti we’ll be getting round here if things keep deteriorating at their current rate #reflexology,” Josh Davies added.

Reacting to the post, Erica Anderson, who is the director of Blynk Lash and Brow, expressed: “Thanks for the publicity Josh your a hun.”

Soon after the post was up on the platform, users rushed to the comment section to express their anger.

“This is still spray paint on a public road there is no exception, it’s vandalism!!!” said one user.

A second wrote: “Loving the sheer amount of murals of the queen that are popping up that look very unlike the queen.”

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