Ranbir Kapoor declined Star Wars due to performance anxiety
Ranbir Kapoor declined Star Wars due to ‘performance anxiety’

Brahmastra’s star Ranbir Kapoor is enjoying the success of his film, as the film is raking massive numbers at the box office. However, the actor once turned down Star Wars because the role didn’t appeal to him.

During an old interview in 2016, the Rockstar star opened up about the offer to play in Star Wars as a second lead, however, he rejected the offer, as per PinkVilla.

“I was asked to audition as the second lead in Star Wars a couple of years back. I have a fear of auditioning. “It’s more a fear from not having that much faith in my talent,” the actor added.

The Sanju actor explained that the offer didn’t spur him to take the role. Instead, he suggested he would team up with Ayan Mukerji to make our own Star Wars, adding, “Let’s make our own Star Wars. Let’s not chase what’s there. That’s great but I have an opportunity here and I don’t think Ayan is less than a JJ Abrams or a George Lucas. Let me work with him and make our own Star Wars”.

Six years later, Ranbir and Ayan made their own superhero film Brahmastra which created a total of 23 records at the box office on its opening weekend. The global gross collection of the film has crossed INR 200 crore mark. The film is eyeing to reach the INR 500 crore club. 

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