Ranveer Singh or Hrithik Roshan who is to play Dev in Brahmastra 2?
Ranveer Singh or Hrithik Roshan who is to play Dev in Brahmastra 2?

Director Ayan Mukerji   disclosed Brahmastra 2 will be hit to the theaters in 2025, according to Indian Express.

Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starrer is breaking box office records with its massive collections. The film finished after teasing its sequel titled Brahmastra: Part Two – Dev.

Since Brahmastra rolled over globally, many are speculating the theories of the film and who will play the titular character of Dev in the next film.

Numerous A-list actors names are suggested from Hrithik Roshan to Ranveer Singh, however, none of the reports are confirmed by the makers.

During an interview, the filmmaker remain tight-lipped and offered only the chunks of the story that the sequel of the film will cover the Dev’s backstory with at the same time continue the present-day timeline.

“I can answer very few things about Dev. The idea was to create a very clear indication about where we are going next with the storytelling. That now we are really getting into the story of our antagonist. Decoding it, giving you some hook to hang on to for part two. Dev is the fulcrum of the entire Brahmastra trilogy,” Ayan said.

As per filmmaker, Dev story will switch between the past and the present adding, his impact on the universe, “The problems that this community and the world will face because of Brahmastra, what is the real stress with it. All of this will actually unfold in Dev’s story.

His story is meant to take us back into his past but also he has returned into the present. So, the idea is, we will be continuing the present story, but also telling you the story of the past,” the filmmaker added.

Though the director is not open to share any more details on the project but the director spelled out the release date of the film.

“We have our target. We would like to make this film and have it come out three years from now. It is a tough timeline for us considering how much time part one took. But now we have also learnt how to make these kinds of films.”

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