Royals urged to respond to against Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s ‘crusade’
Royals urged to respond to against Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s ‘crusade’

Meghan Markle’s “constant melodrama and chaos” has come under fire for threatening the ‘very existence’ of the Royal Family.

This claim has been made by royal commentator and author Meghan Mccain, in her latest piece for the Daily Mail.

She began by addressing Prince Harry’s incoming memoir and wrote, “Remember, Harry has a tell-all book coming out to promote. But I have a warning for them. Public opinion is turning.”

“There was once a time when even the slightest criticism of Harry and Meghan got one branded a racist and possibly caused them to lose their job – ask Piers Morgan or Sharon Osbourne.”

“Now criticism of Harry and Meghan is more commonplace and does not have the same kind of backlash in the media it once did. It looks like an uphill climb.”

“One of the most pertinent questions now is: Can the royal family survive the melodrama and chaos of the Harry and Meghan-era? It looks like an uphill climb.”

She also added, “I do know this: If Harry and Meghan perceive some unconscionable slight, or even if their bank account runs low, they will return to their righteous crusade against the Royal family.”

“For all her hand-wringing over reconciliation, Oprah will welcome them back on her show to spew more vicious allegations – without the slightest pushback.”

“The progressive stars of the American media will happily usher them back into the fold to tell us all how terrible British (and American) culture really is.”

“This is the reality. And if King Charles and Prince William want to have a fighting chance, they better start fighting back.”

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