I Am Still Trying To Understand: RRR success shocks SS Rajamouli
‘I Am Still Trying To Understand’: ‘RRR’ success shocks SS Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli RRR‘s instant success in such a short span made him in disbelief at the film’s success, according to BollywoodLife.

As a keynote speaker at Toronto International Film Festival, the director said, “Never ever [had] I expected RRR to do well with the Western audiences. I didn’t even have an inclination for that. When RRR was released (in the West), I started getting the responses, I thought maybe there are a few.

“Then few became hundreds and hundreds became thousands and film people from different fields were talking highly of RRR, I realized something that I never knew about myself or my films. I am still trying to understand to be very honest,” the filmmaker added.

Earlier, the Bahubali director was also amazed by the response from the western audience to the film, “Yes, I was surprised with the reception from the West. A good story is a good story for everyone, but I didn’t think I could make films for Western sensibilities. 

“I never believed myself. So when it came out on Netflix and people started watching it, and word of mouth started spreading, when the critics started giving out good reviews, yes I was really, really surprised,” he added.

RRR is a fictional film set in the 1920s when the British ruled India. The film also boasted a star cast such as Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn. The film grossed INR 1200 crore globally.

Many western filmmakers praised the film, including Russo Brothers, Scott Derrickson, and Joe Dante among others. The film is expected to present in India at the Oscars. 

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