Gigi Hadid is reportedly not sure if she should date the Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio as the supermodel might be “too mature” for him.

An insider from the modelling world told Daily Mail that Hadid recently parted ways with her ex Zayn Malik and would never rush romance with the Titanic star.

Keeping in mind DiCaprio’s dating history, the model “will be looking before she leaps,” the insider told the publication.

“Gigi is still fresh out of a very bad break up plus Leo has a reputation. We’ll see. But she’s a smart girl and will be looking before she leaps,” the source said.

Another source with links with the modeling world noted referring to Hadid’s mother Yolanda Hadid, “Gigi is a very mature 27.”

“She spent years looking after Yolanda when she was so ill with Lyme disease, and would drive her to hospital when she had flare ups”

“Then she’s dealt with a lot with Zayn, and of course she is a mom too. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was actually too grown up for Leo,” the insider noted.

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