Star Wars John Boyega believes NO Black will ever play Bond
Star Wars John Boyega believes NO Black will ever play Bond 

Star Wars star John Boyega  does not agree to the idea that the next Bond will be ‘Black’, the actor revealed on  a podcast.

The Woman King actor, was inquired on the Happy Confused Sad podcast about his two cents on donning the iconic spy role, after his name was doing rounds  to play the titular character.

“I’m sorry,” he stated, “but I’m Black— I don’t know how.

When you’re Black, I don’t know how that goes. You as a white man grew up in a society as a white man and that’s normal. That’s normal to you. Even the mention of a Black Bond is like ‘Oh, okay,’ ” he said.

However, the actor showed keenness to play the MI6 agent role if offered, “But, you know, if they give me that call, I’ll be there.”

Previously, the Star Wars star in an interview to Men’s Health  clarified that he was not roped in for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, on the contrary of reports the 30-year-old actor have secretly shot a movie for the franchise.

“That’s not in the vision for me now,” he said about Marvel, adding, “I want to do nuanced things. I want to donate my services to original indie films that come with new, fresh ideas, because I know it’s real hard to top Iron Man in that universe.”

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