Former cricketer turned umpire – Asad Rauf’s career turned sideways after match-fixing were levelled on him during the IPL. BCCI found the charges to be true and banned him for five years.

File photo of Asad Rauf. (Courtesy: PTI)


  • Asad Rauf has umpired in 98 ODIs
  • Rauf currently runs a shop in Landa Bazar in Pakistan
  • Rauf denied the that were leveled against him

Former ICC elite panel umpire Asad Rauf currently runs two shops in Landa Bazar, Lahore. One that sells second-hand apparel and another of crockeries – both of which he is passionate about.

A highly regarded umpire during his time, Rauf’s career went sideways after of match-fixing were levelled against him during the infamous edition of the Indian Premier League in 2013. Rauf was accused of accepting expensive gifts from bookies apart from placing bets in the IPL games.

Rauf was spotted running a shop by Pakistan-based broadcasting channels that spoke to him about how things unfolded between the years 2013-16. Rauf was banned for five years in 2016 by the BCCI, which essentially finished his career. Rauf, though still denies the.

“I have spent my best time in IPL, apart from these issues that came later on,” he said.

“I had nothing to do with these issues, the side came from the BCCI’s and they took the decision on me themselves,” Rauf talked about the match-fixing.

Asked if he regretted not fighting the and going back to umpiring, Rauf said that there was nothing left to see.

“No, I’ve umpired in so many games all my life, there’s no one left to see now,” responded the 66-year-old.

“I haven’t been in touch with the game since 2013, because once I leave something I leave it completely,” he further added.

2013 season was a dark time for the IPL where several were floated up jeardising the sanctity of the league. Many changes came about in the BCCI after top positions were dissolved and strict rules were placed for functioning by the Committee of Administration under the authority of the Supreme Court. While it is arguable that if the sweeping changes were put in place, but without a shadow of a doubt, the Indian cricketing administration was shaken after the things unfolded in 2013.

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