‘Tone deaf’ Meghan Markle ‘sees no irony’: ‘Excruciating lack of self-awareness!’
‘Tone deaf’ Meghan Markle ‘sees no irony’: ‘Excruciating lack of self-awareness!’

Meghan Markle has been accused of ‘torturing’ royals with her ‘excruciating’ lack of ‘self-awareness’ in terms of her royal title.

This accusation has been shared by TV presenter Judy Finnigan, in her latest op-ed for Express UK. 

She began by writing, “I expect the podcast will go down well in California, the land of self-promotion, but her lack of self-awareness is excruciating.”

“She appears to see no irony at all that in a podcast about women achieving on their own merit, she still uses her full title of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, as she seemingly does for every book, speech and broadcast she flogs.”

“I’d have far more respect for her if she still called herself Meghan Markle; then again, pigs might fly.”

Before concluding, she added, “She whinges she never realised being ambitious was a crime until she started dating Harry Astonishingly, Meghan sees herself as an achiever on the same level as her podcast guest Serena Williams – a genuine tennis great – while all Meghan has done is marry a prince.”

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