The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was attended by a special guest – a spider, which was seen crawling on a card written by King Charles III for his late mother.

The insect was spotted by social media users on top of a wreath that was placed on the Britain’s longest running monarch’s coffin alongside the Imperial State Crown.

“In loving and devoted memory. Charles R,” the note on which the spider was seen read, placed on top of the flowers specially arranged at King’s request.

Unexpected guest spotted attending Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

“Did anyone else spot the spider catching a ride on Queen Elizabeth II coffin?” one Twitter user asked.

Another Royal fan tweeted, “The most famous spider in the world right now.”

“There was a spider on The Queen’s Coffin. As a spider fan, I am eleated [sic]! Luckiest Spider in the world!” one user wrote.

“It’s said that the Queen loved it when things went awry. I think she’d love the bishop dropping his paper on the floor as well as the spider in her flower arrangement. #queensfuneral,” another fan added.

The late monarch’s funeral, which was held at Westminster Abbey, London, was attended by 2000 mourners besides the Royal family.  

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