Victoria Beckham has reportedly entered into a ‘top-level professional rivalry’ with her fellow fashion designer Stella McCartney.

The tension between the Spice Girls singer and McCartney was sparked after a top stylist Jane How decided to work with Beckham.

According to The Sun, “To say there is some top-level professional rivalry is an understatement. Both are hugely successful through sheer hard work and talent.

“They respect each other enormously. But in the workplace there is quite a bit of tension,” a source spilt the beans.

“Stella feels quite a few of the A-list names she used to dress have deserted her for Victoria. And everyone in her office is discussing the fact that Jane is no longer with Stella,” the insider added.

The outlet reported that the tension between the two fashion designers is ‘intense but exciting’ as they both are hoping to enjoy the ‘healthy competition.

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