Victoria Beckham was puzzled after Nicola Peltz claimed she was ghosted by her mother-in-law over wedding dress.

Following the Transformers star recent interview with Grazia Magazine, the former Spice Girl is said to be “utterly seething.”

Nicola told the outlet that Victoria blanked her for days after offering to design wedding dress and later said that her atelier could not make the wedding gown.

However, an insider from the fashion world told The Sun that the duo discussed about the dress but the Victoria realized very early on that her studio would not be able to make it and informed Nicola.

The source said that Nicola had “plenty of time” to go to some other designer while accusing her of pushing the “false narrative.”

“Frankly, the most interesting thing about Nicola is that she married into the Beckham clan,” the source shared.

“David and Victoria have both reached out to her to try and make peace, and find a way to get along.

“There appears to be this baffling false narrative being peddled out by Nicola about this bloody dress,” the insider added.

“Victoria is bemused as to why she keeps stoking the rumours of a feud instead of shutting them down,” the source shared while adding, “all it would take is one Instagram ‘like’ — it’s PR route one.”

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