Virgin River season 5 to be intense, says Alexandra Breckenridge
‘Virgin River’ season 5 to be ‘intense’, says Alexandra Breckenridge

Netflix series Virgin River to  be have an “intense” new  season  for fans, according to actress  Alexandra Breckenridge.

Alexandra Breckenridge who plays Mel Monroe in the Netflix series, recently gave an interview and revealed what fans might expect.

The actress disclosed, “I think this season has started out well and we’re getting into a few episodes soon that are pretty heavy.”

Breckenridge also emphasised on “high sense of drama” that will “leave people on the edge of their seats,” cited from the United Business Journel.

Alexandra Breckenridge capped her interview saying that the new season will have, “some of the best episodes [they’ve] ever done.”

The new season of Virgin River will go deeper into the the lives of the characters. It will follow through Mel and Jack’s relationship and complex journeys of additional characters in the show.

The romantic drama stars Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence, and Jenny Cooper.

Virgin River is currently being shot in British Columbia, Canada, for its fifth season which will be released sometime on 2023 on Netflix.

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