Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ramiz Raja has said that he will be challenging the International Cricket Council’s decision to grant the Indian Premier League an extended window from next year, if and when it is made public by the apex body.

BCCI secretary Jay Shah told news agency PTI that IPL will be given a two-and-a-half-month-long window, with the idea that the tournament will be extended to a 94-match affair, 20 more than what it is right now.
BCCI’s expectation is that this will allow IPL to have services of more number of international stars, increasing the quality of cricket overall.

“From the next FTP cycle, IPL will have an official two-and-a-half-month window so that all the top international cricketers can participate. We have had discussions with various boards as well as the ICC,” Shah had told PTI after the commencement of the IPL media rights auction.

The PCB chairman, speaking in the press conference said that he will present his views in the ICC conference on the matter and will have national interest in mind.

“There has been no announcement or decision as yet on the IPL window being increased. I will give my views on this issue at the ICC conference,” Raja said during a media conference on Friday.

“My point is clear: if there is any development in world cricket that means we are being short-changed, we will challenge it in a very forceful manner and put our point across strongly in the ICC,” he said.

Raja has been trying to play India outside of ICC tournaments for a while now, and has proposed multi-team tournaments several times.

“I have spoken to Sourav on the sidelines on this, and I told him that presently there are three former cricketers heading their cricket boards and if they can’t make a difference, who will? ” Raja said.

“Twice Ganguly has invited me to attend the IPL finals last year and this year, and cricketing-wise, it made sense to go, but then, because of the situation, we had to look at the fallout of accepting the invitations,” he further added.

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