Willow Smiths new song a visual and musical treat
Willow Smith’s new song a visual and musical treat

Coming out with another taster for her album COPINGMECHANISM, Willow Smith released the music video for curious/furious, and it will make you hit replay a few times.

The Wait a Minute! singer will be coming out with her fifth studio album COPINGMECHANISM on September 23rd.

The song follows the releases of maybe it’s my fault and last month’s hover like a GODDESS.

Compared to the first three songs, Willow  delves into more traditional pop but dips into its usual punk rock R&B vibe as it hits the bridge. Willow delivers impressive vocals as she hits the range of different notes with ease.

The video, directed by Jaxon Whittington and edited by Dana Trippe, is a reminiscent of a visualiser, as the singer’s profile floats in an eerie darkness. The Fader describes it as “a chameleonic WILLOW head-and-shoulder bust floating in a jet-black ether.”

The album is produced by Willow and Chris Greatti, and follows 2021’s release, lately I feel EVERYTHING.

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